What does Action mean? The placing of a bet or wager on a sports event. When you hear, “What’s the action?” it refers to the total amount of money wagered on a game.

What is a Bankroll? Bankroll is your available gambling money set aside for sports betting. Mastering bankroll management is essential for long-term.

What does it mean to Cover? When a team surpasses the point spread, they’ve “covered,” a term you’ll encounter when diving into point spread betting.

What is an Edge? The advantage a bettor has against the house or other bettors. This is usually gained through research, experience, or inside information.

What is the Handle? The total amount of money wagered on a specific game or event. A high handle often indicates significant public interest.

What are Sharps? Experienced, professional bettors often have well-thought-out strategies and tend to move betting lines with their high-stakes wagers.

What is a Teaser? A type of parlay where you can adjust the point spreads in your favor in exchange for reduced odds.

What is a Unit in betting? A standardized amount used in betting, defined by the bettor, is often used to mitigate risk by limiting wager size..




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